25by25 Matrix Of Cultural Activities

What is the 25 by 25 skills Matrix ?

The skills Matrix is a compilation of cultural activities which you can access and engage including cultural heritage and natural cultural heritage with the aim of enhancing your skills, knowledge or outlook.

You can search for the most suitable cultural activities  by topic such as art, music, museum. This will enable a level of engagement and activity across a range of cross-cultural dimension and cultural experiences.

How to navigate through the 25 by 25 Matrix ?

You can either only receive information on the selected activity or even follow the activity through a very straight forward
log-in process.This will give you the opportunity to observe your process in participation at cultural activities,you can upload photos and write evaluations of a cultural activity,you can recommend new actions and event where other young people can participate at,and in general to be culturally creative and involved.

If you decide to visit an activity,you can share your experience with others! You can even propose a new activity that you believe it is interesting for others to follow! You just need to login and create a profile!

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