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Vergina’s Museum, Aigai

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History and teachings
The museum of Vergina is located in the south of River Haliacmon, in the “land of Macedon”, as described by Herodotus, on the foothills of Pieria, the ancient “Macedonian mount”, lays Aigai, the first city of Macedon, the land with many goats (“Aigai” in ancient Greek means “goats”). Aigai was a city formed by distinct villages, an “open” urban agglomeration having a central core and multiple settlements of various sizes developing around it. This multiplicity explains the plural suffix of its name (the diphthong “ai”), like in the names of other ancient cities, e.g. “Athinai”, “Thibai” or “Ferai”, and reflects the ancient model of a society founded on the aristocratic structure of clans having as its point of reference and cohesion pole, the royal authority. In the mid-7th century BC, Perdiccas I, a Dorian from Argos, a descendant, according to tradition, of the family of Hercules, became king of Macedonians. Aigai became the cradle of the Temenids, the dynasty that will rule Macedonia for 3.5 centuries and will give to humanity Philip II and his son Alexander the Great, who set off from Aigai and changed the history of Greece and the World.

Cross-cultural dimensions
The organization of the museum is defined in this way that on the one hand the history of Macedonia is outlined and on the other to ancient monuments are presented in order to provide locals, tourists and researchers with a great amount of elements.

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Vergina is located 8 km southeast of the city of Veroia. There is a frequent public transport connection between Vergina and Veroia. Veroia is frequently and regularly connected to Thessaloniki by road and rail, and also directly connected to Athens.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Vergina's museum is a museum based on a unique subject of the cultural heritage of Greece, material that was found on the area of Macedonia. The visit in this museum improves the knowledge of the viewed subject, gives the opportunity for a mental trip in another ancient world and increases the consciousness of the past. Moreover introduces people in an aesthetic and pleasant decoration and create the space for a real discovery.

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