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The Kremikovtsi Monastery of Saint George, Kremikovtzi area, Sofia region

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History and teachings
Founded during the Second Bulgarian Empire (12th–14th century) and re-established in 1493 by a local Bulgarian noble, the monastery includes two churches. Of these, the older medieval church is notable for its highly regarded 15th-century frescoes.

Cross-cultural dimensions
The monastery was founded during the Second Bulgarian Empire, perhaps in the mid-14th century on the order of Tsar Ivan Alexander (r. 1331–1371).[3] With the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans in the end of the 14th century, the Kremikovtsi Monastery was destroyed in 1398. In the 15th century, the Kremikovtsi Monastery was a centre of Bulgarian education and culture. At the time, the monastery housed two schools for laymen and one for clergy. An illustrated Bulgarian manuscript produced in 1497 for Peyu and Petko, two citizens of Sofia, the Kremikovtsi Gospel provides evidence as to the existence of a calligraphic tradition at the monastery

The monastery was re-established in 1493 by the Bulgarian boyar Radivoy from Sofia and the metropolitan bishop of Sofia at the time, Kalevit

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No signs or public transportation available. Can be reached by car. Human resources, assistancevery limited. Accessibility (for disabled) , preparedness of the staffaccessible. Infrastructure, staff, safety measures, languages limited

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  • caligraphic traditions knowledge; history, influences, war influence on architecture and religion

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